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What is Weather Intelligence?

If you watch your local weather forecast or check your weather app daily, you may think you’re prepared for the weather.

But are you really? 

There is the generic weather forecast, and then there is weather intelligence.

While the weather forecast tells you it’s going to be rainy and 56 degrees tomorrow, weather intelligence does far more. 

forecast impact

It helps you understand the true impact of the weather on your business across multiple locations and a variety of weather conditions. Instead of reacting to the weather, you can take action and stay ahead of the weather.

With weather intelligence, you can actually forget the forecast entirely and focus on your business. Here’s why weather intelligence should be at the top of your list for business operations in 2021.

Better Understand the Impact of Weather

No matter what your industry, it’s likely that weather impacts some aspect of your business. In shipping and logistics, storms can cause costly delays and dangerous accidents. In on-demand and technology, weather can impact ETAs and customer satisfaction. Even insurance companies have to understand how weather impacts the risk and premiums

weather industries

In each of these industries, it’s been the standard for years to rely on a typical weather forecast. You may wake up, check the weather, and email or call your team to adjust your plans for the day according to the forecast. But that simply isn’t enough anymore. By relying on last-minute weather forecasts that aren’t tailored to your business needs, you could be wasting money, risking damage to assets, and putting your employees at risk during dangerous storms.

A New Kind of Weather Forecast

Instead of adjusting and planning for the weather in an ad-hoc fashion, weather intelligence puts the forecast in context for your specific business. For example, if you operate a shipping company that operates throughout the continental US, you may need to re-route a shipment because of a snowstorm in Colorado, icy roads in New York, or a flood in Houston.

weather insight dashboard

This is a weather insight dashboard and it helps you understand the true impact of the forecast across all of your business locations, even on the road. This dashboard can be built with any weather parameters that are specific to your business – no matter the industry.

See weather intelligence industry templates now. 

For example, high winds above a specific threshold may put your equipment or employees in danger. In that case, you need to know whether the wind will exceed safety requirements at your business’ specific locations around the country or the world. And you need to know it now. safety dashboard

With a dashboard like this, you know exactly what time tomorrow your employees must cease operations because of lightning or high winds. Instead of interpreting the weather yourself, weather intelligence makes it easy for you to act quickly and operate safely.

Forget the Forecast

It’s easy to see that weather intelligence is simply a smarter way to do business around the weather. Rather than reacting to a bad forecast, you can play days in advance and ensure operations are safe, efficient, and save money. In fact, you can stop worrying about the forecast entirely. 

google cloud weather intelligence

With weather intelligence, you know exactly what weather is coming and can plan your operations around it. Forget your morning routine of waking up and checking the weather. Instead, you can check your dashboard, send out a quick text or email alert, and go back to doing what’s most important – running your business.

Learn more about weather intelligence now.

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