CBAM - Tailored for the resolution and performance you need

Customized for your desired resolution, coverage, and parameters. Finely-tuned to any region globally.

The most relied upon brands in the world rely on

An ultra-accurate tailored forecast that's accessible to anyone, anywhere

Unlike global models, that cannot fully address the nuanced climates of specific regions, CBAM: CBAM models

Feeds from numerous data points globally

Can be customized globally, finely-tuned regionally

Select your precise needs

Unlike global models that cannot fully address the nuanced climates of specific regions, CBAM includes:

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Why you should choose CBAM?

Ultra-high resolution

Feeds from public and proprietary data

Globally available

Can ingest your own observations

Customized per need

Super-fast refresh time

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Validation report

Dr. Shawn Milrad,
Associate Professor, Meteorology

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Through testing and verification, CBAM has exhibited impressive and unique abilities to accurately predict atmospheric variables such as precipitation, temperature, cloud cover, and wind speed for locations across the globe. CBAM exhibits substantial accuracy and precision advantages over publicly available forecast model data

How does it work?

Define area of interest

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Fuse highest quality data, including proprietary and customer observations

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Get hyper-local finely-tuned weather forecasts

*Wind gust at 81 meters resolution

What makes us unique

CBAM vs other models